Protest at PESIT – an account

Today, I witnessed something that was shocking, surprising, ruthless, emotional – all at once in college. A second year EC student committed suicide in his hostel room by hanging himself and without leaving behind a note. I got the news at around 9am while looking out of the classroom window where a huge crowd had gathered outside the boys hostel which is right next to our building. The classes still continued, with many rumors floating around. We had lab internals at 10am which was disrupted when a teacher walked in to announce that the day was called off due to the sad demise of this student. We were asked to leave the campus immediately. As I waked towards the main gate with my friend and the rest of the college crowd, we realized that the gates were locked and saw a big group of students shouting / protesting against the institute management (especially against the hostel warden). We didn’t know the real story yet and watched a bigger crowd gather near the main building and gates. Press and media had already arrived at the scene – students didn’t allow them inside the campus so they climbed the magnum gate and took videos. Cops came soon in jeeps and vans. Students continued to shout slogans against the hostel warden and the principal. I couldn’t fathom what the actual cause of the protest was – as some people shouted against the college rules while some were against the hostel warden. There were many mixed up issues about the whole situation. By this time, the crowed moved towards the main building along with the director as he struggled to walk through the crowd with the police without being pushed or pulled. Some unruly students then threw stones at the glass building and broke principal’s office. They were immediately made to stop acting this way by other students who went and calmed them down.

We moved towards the cricket field (due to larger area that could occupy everyone) to discuss the issue with the management. Agitated students gathered at the field to listen to what the director had to say. In between shouting and all the chaos – I gathered that an unofficial student union was being formed to discuss the issue with them – as 500 people can’t do it all together. A couple of students who had spoken aloud before – formed a group and would represent the student body. To calm us all down, the DCP took in charge and spoke up loudly. We obliged to her and sat on the field. First – the cops and media were asked to leave as it was now more of a student vs management issue. We told our problems to the reps. Some of which were:

  • 5 marks for attendance to be removed.
  • We should have 3 internals (best of 3) instead of the currently existing compulsory 2 internals. Follow the VTU system.
  • The minimum marks for semester end exam writing eligibility criteria makes no sense in the GPA system. It was asked to be removed.
  • Councilors and doctors to be in the college premises on most days. We have no medical center as well.
  • Support extra curricular activities. Not treat students as prisoners.

While these were some academic demands, there were many demands for the victim’s family as well – college should compensate for travel of his parents, cremation. Warden’s apology for his mishandling of the situation and letting in media barge to film the student – while he was still hanging from the ceiling. Apology for the late arrival of the ambulance which arrived 3 hours late. The principal also clarified that he had not given any statement to the media yet, and everything that was telecasted was based on assumptions.

The director listened to every point and agreed on most changes. (Some illogical demands came up too – which I have not mentioned and don’t think are necessary). I think the principal and the director handled the situation well, and took a stride to support the students. By this time, both the management and students were on terms. The student union announced a candlelight march in the memory of the victim. It was extremely intriguing to see such a huge crowd turn up for it in the evening (more than the number of people who were protesting). We lit candles – the teachers and the principal guided us through the campus starting from the boys hostel. It is the largest crowd I’ve seen in my campus – more than during the cultural fest times. It was something that I’d never though I’d witness in (my) college. It was an emotional and a proud moment.

My take – since the boy left no note, the blame game has started. Yes, the pressure is unbearable sometimes. Too many tests, reports, assignment submission along with project work takes a toll on us. But is suicide the last option? Certainly not. Many have survived this system (and even tougher ones) and passed through it successfully – with happy and depressing memories. Some rules can be removed or tweaked, but this kind of situation should never be taken advantage of. Some students protested today without sticking on to the actual cause and drifted towards irrelevant and illogical demands. Yes, this is probably  a good opportunity to make the management listen to us and bring reforms, but not at the cost of unruly behavior and breaking college property. But in the end, I think the students showed some great character by listening to the authorities and calming down. When this happened, the whole atmosphere changed and provided an opportunity to carry out talks and stop the chaos. One thing that sickened me was watching the video of the boy hanging being shown on television channels and media coming up with random cooked up reasons to justify it. Read more about how the media reported the issue here.

Amongst all this, we are just lost in between deciding what is right and what is wrong.


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  1. It’s now upto us that we make sure the rule tweaks stick and the right decisions are made. Let such fate not befall our juniors.

  2. hey thanks for bringing us up to date. yeah totally agree, just because the system is tough it is not right to blame the management for the unfortunate incident, the system should be tweaked and everyone has to move on with their lives, lets not turn violent , lets mourn in silence and pray for his soul.

  3. its too disturbing .. and yeah suicide isnt the only option and i guess everyone should realise this. and media as usual is best n hyping up stuff. anyways may his soul rest in peace and may the authorites of the college come up with a proper solution.

    • I was a student of PESIT (2005-2009 – ISE) and I dont think I had any kind of trouble in the college. I enjoyed my last day studies and yes the internals were 2 of 3 then. I think suicide is the most pathetic option that a student can choose and the blame comes over the management. I had no problems whatsoever with the management or any faculty at my time and I do feel that the students should enjoy college life and take up challenges as they come, whether as internals or projects. It is only after you passout that you realize that you will not be back there ever again. At my time, hardly anybody studied in the class and most of us would simply enjoy, sleep, chat, message, read newspapers etc. as a routine activity in the class. More than 95% of my class, I am sure didnot even know the topic that the teacher was teaching at any point of time. And I think all of us are pretty good at what we are doing now.
      May his soul rest in peace.

  4. it’s bad on out part tht we destroyed college property by taking pranay’s advantage.i’m felling guilty for what i did today we could have done it some other day if required but not today.we were using a dead person to gain some benifits from management ,and i dont think i did the correct thing .sorry to all my friends who wont agree wit me.and extremely sorry to my friends who asked me not to go ovr thr ,sorry for breaking ur trust and a promise tht it want happen again .

  5. Truly a dark day. College life is supposed to be when you make friends for life, discover love and learn life. The immense pressure put on students with the innumerable tests and internals and all that stuff- learning rote and felling 10% of the amazon rain forest each term to make blue books… This is not life…all it makes us is well trained parrots

    My condolences to the family- I wonder what pushed him to make him feel- death was the only way out.

    No amount of the management waking up, the warden apologizing or the rules changing – is ever going to bring him back.

    About whats right and wrong- well- whats right- according to me: (i) An institution of learning cannot treat students as prisoners- college is a place where you learn- and most things in life- are learnt well by making mistakes. (ii) far too many internals tests assignments etc… leaves everyone with no scope for learning from experience. This causes many people to abhor what they love. (iii) For Gods sakes! the first lesson of life is empathy. That applies to the media and some students. it infuriates me when i see media reports that are baseless and current students telling “He knew the rules, so he had himself to blame”

    Whats right- Nothings ever right about a suicide. no amount of change can ever bring him back to life. I’d suggest that the students follow up with the college management very often to see that this guys memory stays alive. That every one remembers the situation that caused him to kill himself.

    I hope that some day his parents and his loved ones will find some closure.

  6. Nice blog i being hearing all kinds of story and this media is as manipulative as it can get.
    I went to same college I had same pressure not just me countless others who were part of same system but the decision to end ones life is worst possible thing and i pity those who play blame game now instead could have helped their friend before. its really sad.
    May his soul R.I.P

  7. to everyone out ther—- even wit the VTU kinda system…can u guarantee ther wud be no suicide…??? i mean dont suicides happen in VTU systems..??? they do rite…!! i think more than the system its just a pyscological thing tat its tougher…! yeah i also agree the management need to handle the students better nd agree on the extra curricular activites thing.. :)—-An autonomous student from the first batch… :)

  8. I heard he did leave a suicide note but it was taken away to save the college’s reputation?
    I am also from PESIT.
    I don’t know if it was just a rumour, but if it is true I am disgusted.
    And I hate how CEO Jawahar said “”You people come here to die,atleast go out and die”. That was not the right move in such a situation and it wouldn’t or hasn’t help restore peace at all!

    • There was no suicide note. Also, do you have any proof that Jawahar said that? I was there from the beginning till the end, no one spoke about it. Don’t make false accusations on people from your own college without solid proof.

    • Exactly. We don’t seem to have enough time to write 2 tests and one exam (along with special topic, project, lab work) in one semester. How will they fit in another test? Moreover, today I felt that people blamed marks for everything without even understanding how the relative grading system actually works..

      • Agreed. Half the college doesn’t understand how the grading system works.
        In case there is an eligibility criteria, the attendance marks really help those who get less than 20 in the 2 tests. We’ll probably have multiple tests on the same day from next semester. The changes are making the system flawed now..

        Other than the eligibility criteria and the medical center, I don’t see how the other changes will help students

        • The main problem lies in when student want to have system in thier own ways. As a student u have to concentrate on studying rather then dealing with education system. PESIT is one of the reputed college and obviously its not the worst system, they have a lot of experience and know wat things are better.

      • Think of the negative aspects of those demands…. For example if u want best of three internals like VTU, some of the disadvantages are 1. U will have test once in every 3 weeks, 2. College can’t waste a week for the conduction of internals so will have 2 test per day. 3. once u have 2 test per day u have to sacrifice one subject if other is tough, this makes it almost equivalent to 2 out of 2 as u’ll not study one subject. 4. The sem will be dragged and there can’t be a summer term and no concept of withdrawal… :(

        There will be some positive and negative aspects in every system……….

        • i’m a BMSCE student…….even we have 3 internals from this time…..sem duration is same….but only problem is we have to write two subjects in a day(it was same in previous year also when we had only 2 internals)……summer holidays haven’t been decreased…..well i know that JOWAR is a sadist , likes to screw people :/

        • Spot On Prithvi.. As an ex student of PESIT (who studied while it was part of VTU), I still remember the days when we used to bunk internals and effectively what we wrote was just 2 internals. However there were some instances where the third test helped us improve the overall internal score. However this I think is unfair in a relative grading system, where the overall performance of the class in a particular test.

      • Its is Pretty surprising that you guys think your system is very difficult. We were the first batch of autonomous of PESIT and our eligibility used to be 25 out of 50 in the first year. The 50 marks internal was reduced to 15 and not 20 and we used to have 2 quizzes for 5 marks one assignment for 5 marks and attendance for 5. Din’t we pass and come out and set a record of 100 percent placements and all this with having hell loads of fun in college.
        Change the way you look at the system don’t take it too seriously.
        Make sure you have your share of fun and you will just sail through the course and will only remember the fun you had with your friends and not the stupid exam times.

    • I agree completely. 2 tests plus lab work/project/assignments serves not just as a way of evaluation but also helps understanding. If you want three tests just because you want another chance to perform well in the test of some subject which you might not have understood well, sorry boss, you haven’t got the point of education.

      Also, why shouldn’t there be a cutoff to sit for end sem exams? Again, the slacker surfaces with his demands. So, what now, what if there are no cutoffs for end sem exams, a couple of guys get to give it a shot but how will they fare at those exams? Will it help them? Surely not, I don’t think they would have understood the subject if they haven’t understood till before the exams. I’m really sorry if I’ve got the facts wrong here, this is the general understanding of the system that I acquired after doing a li’l research. PESIT being a reputed college, I’m sure, has systems that make sense and satisfy the demands of common sense. I know of places which have no compulsory attendance. Frankly, I feel, you can learn better of there is compulsory attendance. At least, there is someone to question you when you decide not to attend classes. It isn’t so easy to get distracted then.

  9. This is very sad new. i have studied in this college and have a lot of good memories. i dont think
    the main reason for his sucide is management there might be many other issues. yes, i agree the managment is strict but its not so harsh.You would have dealt it differently. R.I.P

  10. this blog has brought a deep insight and the coll management shud look into it.. as an ex-student of pesit (vtu batch) i have seen the autonomous system before graduating and know the pressure which is mounted on u guys.. its quite difficult but suicide is not the only way to beat the system.. as the pesit logo is “education for the real world” they really teach u how the world is tough out there n trust me studies is not easy nor is work life.. be strong guys, nurture the pain until u feel it none..

    • Thanks Monami. I agree, if we learn to survive 4 years of PESIT, I think we will be well prepared to survive the real world as well.

      Unfortunately, not everyone has the same emotional quotient. By studying our course subjects, we are in fact learning how to manage time, be smart in the preparation and tackle tough challenges. These are the life skills that are truly required in the real world.

  11. Firstly very well and sensibly written. Thanks Priya!
    What I felt bad was 1) Protesting on account of death of a student to relax certain restrictions. 2) Destroying your own college property. 3) The most horrific part was the media telecasting it. Something really needs to be done about that.

    A note to all the current students at PESIT,

    I have done my computer science engineering course at PESIT and I am proud of it. I have spent all my four years in hostel and made some amazingly great friends too. I have also been through the rules and yes it annoys you initially, but that is required else you can’t run a educational system. I agree you have tests to write, rules to follow, clear examinations, projects and deadlines. Its part and parcel of Life. You need to accept that fact. Don’t make hasty decisions and come to conclusions. You have a long way to go and this is just the beginning. Hang On there, and you will get what you want one fine day if you truly work for it. Hard work “always” pays off. Please don’t spoil your college name instead make use of it . You just don’t the importance yet

    As an alumnus I am hurt, but I “Believe” that there is always a “Better” tomorrow.

    Pradeep Nayak
    (2006-2010, CSE Dept)

    • Very very sad to hear this!! May his soul rest in peace.

      Pradeep very well said!! U’ll never know the value of something until u lose it.I agree studies do put us in pressure and sometimes its very frustrating, but there is lot lot more to life than just mere marks dammit!! Think about family and friends man!!

      The least you all can do is to stop all these rubbish rumors floating in media and among fellow PESITians!!!

  12. My name is Prajwal. I’m a graduate from PESSE. I’m moved by this post. Hats off to you. Keep this going. I’ve updated my status on facebook regarding this and I’ve also shared this on facebook. Let us spread the word and stand for the boy, his family and OUR esteemed institution against media publishing baseless accusations.


  13. Very very sad to hear about this!! May his soul rest in peace.. Guys no one knows what is the actual reason due to which this happened!! Please instead of blaming the institution and taking out your frustration through illogical expressions find out the actual reason that intrigued this to happen.. And please please create awareness that there is lot more to life than just mere marks!! :( Think about the amount of pain ur family and friends will go thru man!!!

  14. Guyzzz.!!!!!! i feel wtevr happened was seriously wrong…..and everytime its not a fault of system… my opinion…the matter must be investigated with one students committee of 6 -10 members along wid police and managment….so tht wtevr consequence would be found will be transparent to every1… guyz plz take lead and investigat to the matter…..may his soul rest in peace….!!

  15. What an irony! Instead of expressing grief over the victim of this cruel situation, a teacher of PESIT is more worried about correcting DECCAN for misreporting his semester number. I am sure tomorrow there will be reasons from college saying the student has mental issues or what not.Whatever the true reason be “PESIT pressure” has certainly aggravated his state and forced him to take this drastic decision. I am not denying that this extreme step was uncalled for but not all student can this much pressure PESIT subject its student to and somewhere, someone just gives up, like this student who could have lived many more years.

    Why can’t this college try to be a role model every alumni can look with pride and not instead regret spending 4 precious years of their life. Sure it has a good reputation of good placement but at what cost – lives and soul of bright students who can possibly have an all round development.What was a heresay about this college (PESIT) being a hitlar raj, the belief is just getting stronger. The gate closes at 7, no recreation, no extra curricular activity, cricket ground is there, but you can’t play, there are few college students didn’t know before hand. Poor fellas really don’t get the complete picture of what they are getting into.A college is a center for learning not a nazi camp.

    Getting autonomy stature have only reinforced PESIT administration to put its own rules and policies which to their disillusioned eye look like a success mantra.

    College admin should work towards making it a better place to facilitate knowledge and not just put pressure for marks,attendance and ranks. If you provide a conducive environment student will do good. Anyway these student are rank holders and that’s why they landed up in PESIT at first place. But don’t let the good name fade away with the anarchy the college is being ruled currently; Else there will be a time it won’t even figure in top 10.

    But violance is not the right way to protest, I would urge student to have a peacful protest. College authorities should wake up in light of this drastic incident and form a represntative student body to see how things can change for a bright future, both for college and student.The joint committe should work out for changing things which are grey areas currently. I am sure this college has more nicer things to boast about than few glitch. Try breaking out those few shackles.

    With that I rest my case and ask people to stand for the right cause. This incident should never be repeated and student body,college authority and faculties should take joint task to change the way it function currently. More student friendly and encouraging environment will only enhance it reputation.

  16. at last what i can say is” study is part of life, not complete lyf….
    no need to take crazy decisions about it… and absolutely no need to committ suicide


  17. Good work Priya in observing the entire proceeding with a cool head and passing the information to all in a non-manipulative way. I hope student body put those 5 problems in a righteous manner so that they can be heard. This should also be a time when all you should stand and vote for what is right. Violence is not the right way and will only Paradise student’s chances of bringing a much needed reform in college. Its a duty of you all , specially seniors, to see that the matter which has got a hearing in wake of this tragic incident reach to a positive end.

  18. well said. Couldnt agree more with you on “But is suicide the last option? Certainly not. Many have survived this system (and even tougher ones) and passed through it successfully – with happy and depressing memories. Some rules can be removed or tweaked, but this kind of situation should never be taken advantage of.” However screwed up the system is, nothing is worth more than your life, I pity the guy took such a drastic decision…
    Students breaking the principal’s room windows is totally unwarranted and the media showing video clips of the boy hanging was extremely disturbing…they should’nt have been allowed in the first place until the issue was under control..

  19. You get 5 marks for just attending classes and people are cribbing about it?

    Please don’t take advantage of someone’s death to put forth your demands. Even if strict academics was the cause of his death, it doesn’t mean we should soften the system. It is like lowering the standard of CAT/GRE/JEE because some of them committed suicide after they were unsuccessful at it.

  20. @amit: very well said.
    I am an ex-student PESIT CS: 2004-2008 (VTU) system.
    At the time, we were passing out, we had heard faint details about the new autonomous system and had expected things to turn worse, but not to this extent.
    1. VTU Teachers (most of them) are not of the level that they can be expected to behave if given powers (attendance, discipline, etc.). Most students are trying to study on their own (GRE, CAT) or sleep and they are making good use of their time.
    2. Shooting off letters asking parents to come and meet is a last disciplinary resort. Doing this every now and then only pressurizes students who have strict parents or those who could barely afford the fees. High time the draconian mgmt. realizes this. (I still remember someone phoned and called a boy and a girl’s parents as they were SITTING together in the OAT, the girl’s parents were understanding and asked point blank WHAT’S THE PROBLEM!!. (Another girl may have to commit suicide)
    3. PESIT college is wonderful. At least it was till VTU. Autonomous may have changed things. Hostel is a different story.
    4. The system of the Hostel Warden using shared basement rooms as his personal prison needs to change. Today’s TOI states Pranay had applied for single room given his studies were suffering. I have been in that situation (2005) and was slapped on the face for asking for a single room. (I contemplated not suicide but leaving the college). I am still thankful for my 6 friends who all decided to move outside just to support me.
    5. Strange rules like not allowed to stay in another person’s room after 7pm. No LAN in hostel. I learned more from my peers than any books or teachers. These childish rules need to go. They only give the warden a chance to torture young men.

  21. Firstly, I commend you for writing this article as unbiased as possible. It does give a clear account of the recent events. Secondly, I express my deepest condolences for Pranay. May he find peace. Thirdly, I do want to comment on the issue regarding the “blame” game. It boils down to Management vs Students. True, the Management is not the most efficient engine that’s producing better results. Its common knowledge to the student communities in Bangalore, and passed alumni that PES way is itself a test with fire.

    Since the days of VTU, and now under the Autonomous scheme, the students have been suffering. So, the scheme itself does not wholly play its part. However, I would like to shed some light into the root of the problem. Is it the management’s fault? I would say, YES. Why? The methodology implemented by management to achieve higher rankings, better results and more popularity amongst the corporate world is based on “means that justify the end”. Discipline, a word, I believe is one that is heard by all who have attended PES, is one that has been over-imposed. Discipline is good, and necessary, but not mandatory to the point that the management enforces disciplinary measures that they expect from school children. After all, they are running a college, they should not take the burden to revise the disciplinary manners of school days. Taking discipline aside, the management has central control over the various teaching departments. This prevents the departments from taking any concrete decisions based on the suggestions of the faculties and students. The feedbacks are never looked upon, let alone, imposed.

    The departments should have more say in deciding on time table schedule- which at the moment, and always have been very chaotic. I for once, cannot believe how they expect students to learn 5-6 subjects in hourly lectures, five days a week. Instead of randomising all these subjects in one day, re-design the timetable to have 1-2 subjects, but with more hours, For example, have 2 subjects, with 3 hour sessions each with a lunch break in between, to be covered in a single day. So, in three days, all 6 subjects can be covered, the rest of the two days can be designated for labs, Instead of covering 3-4 hours per subject per week at different days, subjects are covered for the week in one whole day. But scheduling the timetable doesn’t improve anything if the teaching itself is mundane. Instead of passive teaching via ppt slides, available from publisher’s website, the faculties should be open to more discussion oriented teaching, hence inculcating active learning process. Immense stress builds up as a result of passive learning. I see no point for any students to attend classes if the lecturer is showing them slides that are easily accessible from the web, or summarising the course-book through the slides. Instead they waste time on attendance, and disciplining the class. The management have included cameras in classroom, which in fact is an outright invasion of privacy for students as well as for faculties. Instead, they should have invested on providing electronic IDs for monitoring student’s attendance thereby eliminating unnecessary paperwork and avoiding additional wastage of class lecture time.

    In the end, I only propose, the faculties should take a wider role, in designing their classes to make them “active”, and discussion oriented, instead of being a passive routine lecture. After all students come to classes for discussion. They can always read textbook in library or at home. Students face immense stress due to the inadequacy of the faculties to effectively teach their subjects. The current trend of passive learning, students are entirely dependant on the faculties to complete the syllabus, however, if active learning is instigated, in which the faculties constantly assigns reading material to students, it becomes a two-way learning process, and students feel equally responsible to complete their syllabus, hence avoiding the last minute exam study.

  22. When you are in a reputed institute, you are striving hard for a better degree, and a better carrear.It needs hard labour and strong mind. Difficulties are there, but one has to learn how to cross it.After all life is not a bed of roses.Course shall be difficult , but how to cope with it has to be devised.With my condolences to the bereaved family, I must say that it is non communication, and proper guidance from family, peers and teachers which lead to such incidences. I understand that both students, and managment including teachers have risen to the occasion to control things , identify the problems areas and take steps to solve it. My best wishes to you all.

    • there must be motivation, beyond everything. there must be something that will inspire the students. do fun things. creative things. explore. love your course. learn life. get coached. make friends.
      think this sucks?
      switch schools. don’t kill yourselves.
      you’re life’s not worth it.
      of course it’s going to be shit difficult. i think some people just need to be heard, helped a little and motivated. there are some of us who require that.
      this is just sad this happened. may his soul rest in peace.

  23. I am completely connected to the PESIT community: my mother was a professor there, and many of my closest friends study there. was completely freaked out when i heard the news, and I got it from your twitter feed. Thanks for bringing it to such quick notice, because i then called my friends in PESIT to know what’s going on. truly sad indeed. firstly, i do agree that there should be ethics to handling student deaths, and it is disturbing how the media just deals with it in this manner: i think that solid facts should have been established before the media aired these things. Secondly, student unions are fine and much appreciated. The candle lighting, i find absolutely appropriate for the situation and am glad that it got such response.
    It brings to light what happened on my campus recently: students formed a similar union and protested. The police pepper-sprayed them, causing some serious injuries in the eye and affecting their digestive systems. although this invoked a huge furore and many many students were angry to see this happening in front of their eyes, they followed the most non-violent ways of stopping this injustice. They formed a human chain instead of vandalizing or throwing things. I think that this should have been dealt with on similar terms and damaging college property should not have happened.
    as far as education goes, i do agree with your words: there are harder education systems, there is good and bad to everything, and we should simply take it in our stride. can’t handle it? switch schools, take a course that suits you. please don’t kill yourselves.
    If i had depended exclusively on college pressure and how difficult it is to judge my self-worth, i guess i would have died multiple times by now.
    May his soul rest in peace. atleast now.

  24. Extremely dark day in the history of PESIT for sure. But i just don’t understand the reason behind the vandalism demonstrated by some of the students in today’s times when a senior citizen such as Sri Anna Hazare is bringing about change through non-violence.

    Agreed, PESIT is by far the strictest engineering college in Karnataka and some of the rules imposed by the management are illogical and stupid at best. But the students need to understand that these are for their own benefit and act as a prep stage before they can take on the far more competitive world.

    I was a part of the 05-09 batch and have undergone tremendous stress as well (in fact i lost 9 kgs once i joined PESIT). I still remember the days when our graphics instructor used to dump assignments of 15 problems for submission the next day and i used to return exhausted from the workshop on the same day and sit up till 3 in the morning completing the assignment. My classmate even fainted from the exhaustion the next day.

    And as far as extra curriculars go, i don’t think they crack down on such activities like ‘Nazis’.I knew a lot of batch mates who knew how to balance their academics and activities and achieved equal success in all areas.

    But all said and done, PESIT has rewarded me with a lot of opportunities and am sure it will to current students as well. One only needs to push oneself a little beyond our capabilities and success will follow.

    My heartfelt condolences to Pranav’s family and friends.

  25. A well written account of the incident. And def agree a lot of things that happ were unaccepatable. Especially watchin the video of the boy hanging on the news. That was disturbing. And yes suicide wasn’t the option.we all face the same rules. I guess he succumbed to the pressures.” Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional”. A change in the system didn’t hv to cost a life though.

  26. Hi Priya,
    I really appreciate your effort in being unbiased about the whole issue. And ya, as a faculty of PESIT and a close observer of the whole situation, I feel very sad for the boy and more so for his family! I understand that students are put into a lot of pressure but suicide is not an option at all!! In fact, its one big way to tell the whole world how weak you are!
    May his soul rest in peace and his family get enough strength to bear the loss!!

  27. I think u have not studied in this kind of system. I agree that death is not solution for everything. But marks for attendance is rubbish. You want a student loose 1 mark if he fall sick for a day? as if all the lecturers are Phd from IIT and teaching something extraordinary. Please don’t compare the CAT etc etc to the college internals.

  28. Rope, Fan & Sleeping Pills……an option or compulsion ?

    Our philosophy about life, success and wealth has all got messed up. Even after the death of the industrial revolution that happened more than a decade back, we still are following the same education content that was mainly designed by the British to create employees for their factories.

    I always believed that the coming generations are getting smarter. But I’m yet to see it happen. I fail to understand why is it that the generations today have killed their common sense. Guess the studies on human psychology are right when they say……”The more Educated the mind, the less creative it becomes”. Why have movies like 3 Idiots, Tare Zameen Par and Rang De Basanti failed to convey the point ? Or is the challenge the Attention Disorder. We forget things very fast.
    I’ve been going to colleges and talking about Success and Life since the last 18 months. And I shall continue to do so. I shall continue to shout out loud that the education system needs to change. I believe “One man with Courage is a MAJORITY”. SO be it.

    I’ve started a project called “Retire Young and Rich”. The objective is to help students look at Socio-Entrepreneurship as a main/side career option. Help them build themselves into strong headed and kind heart leaders. According to a key note speaker from the World Economic Forum, there will be 4 Billion people looking for JOBS in the next 8 yrs (1.3 Billion in India).

    So, are you ready to compete with close to 300 graduates for the same job ?

    Give this a thought !

    Chakradhari Rowe
    Life & Biz Coach, Socio-Entrepreneur.
    Musician & Sound Engineer.

  29. I was a student of PESIT (2005-2009 – ISE) and I dont think I had any kind of trouble in the college. I enjoyed my last day studies and yes the internals were 2 of 3 then. I think suicide is the most pathetic option that a student can choose and the blame comes over the management. I had no problems whatsoever with the management or any faculty at my time and I do feel that the students should enjoy college life and take up challenges as they come, whether as internals or projects. It is only after you passout that you realize that you will not be back there ever again. At my time, hardly anybody studied in the class and most of us would simply enjoy, sleep, chat, message, read newspapers etc. as a routine activity in the class. More than 95% of my class, I am sure didnot even know the topic that the teacher was teaching at any point of time. And I think all of us are pretty good at what we are doing now.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  30. As an alumni, I don’t think college or hostel authorities are responsible for creating much pressure on students.

    I have stayed in hostel all 4 years, warden is some time pain but not much if ignored. Moreover, you have option to move out before even thinking of anything serious.

    Studies can be managed in last few days of exams.

    Hope the truth comes out soon.

  31. Hi..I am from RVCE and we too have 3 internals, and we donot have internals evry 3 weeks. We have quiz and test on the same day. So we donot study seperately for quiz. We had a nice 3 month vacation. Also we have extra credits for taking part in extra curricular activities. We need to show certificate as proof to gain that credit. But then ofcourse it has its own disadvantages. Anyway, my condolences with the family. Hope PESIT becomes a better place.

  32. Good job Priya!

    The story that has been tossed in the media has painted a very dirty picture!
    What the media failed to highlight is that not everyone protested violently! Not everyone supported violence! It definitely failed to highlight the very emotional Candle Light March!

    I am very sorry for his death, but find it difficult to sympathize with this cowardly act.
    The student probably was not too strong, he probably didn’t find much support from his surroundings/parents/well-wishers…it cannot be blamed entirely on the college!
    The system may be flawed, agreed, but the “pressure”, which some of the students claimed to be undergoing, is nothing compared to what one has to undergo later in life.

    Coming to the reforms at PESIT, the introduction of an EXTRA test, i feel, is more of an overhead. As has already been pointed out, to accommodate the 3rd test :-
    1) The weekend offs will be scraped(like in the VTU colleges).
    2) The teachers will be in great hurry to finish the portions as one extra week will be lost for the test.
    3) Time will Unnecessarily be spent on blue-book evaluation.
    4) The entire semester will be full of tests!!
    One might argue that the 3rd test will be optional; but the majority will still take it up.
    Students need to understand that it will leave them with less time to relax.

    Between all this, a life is lost for NO reason at all.
    Good job Priya! Thank you for bringing the minutes at pesit concisely.

  33. Feel terribly bad for the student who lost his life.I think its time the management woke up and discussed certain issues with the students.Pranay’s death shouldn’t be taken advantage of by making selfish demands which suit our needs.R.I.P Pranay

  34. Well…I don’t know how this autonomous system works but as far as i can see there was no problem with two tests provision. The main point of concern was attendance criteria which made us to waste an hour which otherwise could have been more fruitful if not wasted in class just for the sake of attendance…

  35. i have been an ex-pesitian and i am disgusted to know of this..i believe that the the system n behaviour of management is pretty suffocating..something has to be done…they have gotta treat us like kids n not emotionless machines! they should hav a councelling center within the college to help cope up with the stiff environment

  36. I think the students should have thought about the changes needed carefully before putting it across . Like the 5 marks for attendance … Its equivalent to scoring 6.25 marks more in each test without atttempting a question . Since the college follows a relative grading system , it doesnt matter if you have two or three internals . Nerds will score if you study or dont .

    • I agree. The new rules were made without considering ALL the students of the college. Not even half the total number were present at the protest when these new demands were put forward. Now we will only be pushed for time, having to handle more tests happening in shorter durations, teachers having to complete syllabus on time, 2 exams a day, etc :-|

    • i dunno…not in all cases but smtyms u do realize dat attending classes jst 4 marks hampers ur progress…i take myself as xample…i hvn’t got a maths prof. yet who cud make me understand maths really well…dis sem i decided do hell with attndnce..i bunkd,organisd grp studies,used libraries n thank God if m lucky may be i get an “A” given that i failed wen i 100% attndnc in 1st sem…it varies 4m student to student so my personal view is attndnce is necessary bt dont impose it on students…

  37. Hi All,
    I’m an alumni, (05-09) and I stayed in hostel all 4 years AND in IT Block for 3 years.
    The situation was an emotional and overwhelming to the College and hence they might have slipped up in handling it with the media n all. Media is just news hungry Hyena and nothing more, interested in instigating ppl with all kinds of garbage just to make some ‘news’. . .
    College was pretty good fun even with the so called ‘rules and strictness’, Hostel was a little too much with rules and the warden a pain in the butt but it was definitely not too much at any point of time . . .
    The step taken by Pranay (May his soul rest in peace) was an extreme and sad one. Probably something more than just ‘college pressure’ might have been the reason.
    I’ hearing a lot of students asking for change in pattern of conduction of internals and everything. . Students shld bear in mind that before a system is brought in place a lot of discussions are conducted weighing in all the possible advantages.disadvantages and then put into practice. . .
    An incident like this though sad cannot be the only reason why it shld be changed overnight.

    The idea having counsellors in campus is a brilliant one, all students handle pressure in a diff way and especially to those who leave their homes n come far away need some advice at times.

    Bottom line it is the Student’s choice how he/she wants to channel their anger/frustration. . . .Learn to live with it. . .

  38. Hi I am also from PESIT What he said from Jawahar that is right. when we see generally suicide was not the solution for that,if he cant study engineering quit the course and joining into other course was the best option, hostelites are telling he has study pressure for this college and management is not responsible In pesit maximum peoples can achive the things why he cant do it. I think he has some personal problems , blaming college management,protesting and supporting to protest its all our foolishness.

  39. death is not the ultimate objective of man :”{} before leaving the world think twice what have you done to the world than what has the world giving to u?/

  40. Those who kill themselves have more courage than a common man. Its just that due to the cluster of thoughts and emotions the courage gets self abused. When a person self terminates the cause has to go inside out.

    First obvious blame is on the deceased, 2nd on his first circle of influence (friends and family), 3rd on the school, college, society. The 2nd and 3rd layer are the protective ones. The biggest challenge being today that these layers of protection have been infected by dogma.

    There are only 10% Rancho’s in every field. The rest belong to other areas of interest but have been forced into something else. The day this changes, we shall look at a stronger INDIA which is driven by value, courage and ethics.

    Till then our schools and colleges shall continue to to manufacture mindsets for the Industrial Revolution that got over a decade back.

    The current generations are ultra smart and intelligent. But don’t have the drivers to utilize that hardware.

    Take Charge !

  41. It’s a sad know that it took a life to achieve some dialogue between professional academic bodies and students. Not entirely sure of the structure of Universities in India but here in the UK, the student Union is of massive support. Regular updates means you know what your rights are and what has changed in the laws relating to students. I’m guessing this is the same in India.

  42. phew!! this post got hit or what! anyway offering my view..someone who has been on both sides of the bench. There has been a certain rise in suicide cases in students over last few years. In my 4 years of B.E. we had no such case in any engineering college in the entire city of Bhopal! But now when I was working, almost every year there used to be a case. Have the children and future students become too soft too touchy?? (not to mention kids who are committing suicides just because mother scolded and asked not to watch TV) Parents are to blame also who force their kids to take up engineering when they just are not cut out for it…some because of their lesser grasping levels and some cuz of their background schooling. But still I have seen many who have overcome these problems and somehow managed to pass B.E. with or without flying colors. Disagree with someone who wrote …it takes lot more courage to stay alive and work hard and clear your back papers than die. I had a junior who had a terrible accident and missed one sem. Next sem she cleared 10 papers in one go..5 old + 5 new. So nothing is impossible. Of course there are some stupid rules and everything.
    Due to these increase in suicides and even more the threats of suicides by students, we teachers have to face the music from management for taking ANY disciplinary action…which in turn leads to further decay. 95% of engineering students will never ever study if left without any discipline from teachers.
    anyway dont know about pesit, in the college I used to teach, we had lots of extra curricular activities!!
    p.s. councilor and counselor are two different persons

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