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This is a story about two boys pursuing engineering from the same college. The first boy was not very serious about his courses and just floated through the semesters without worrying or doing anything phenomenal. He got into this college because of the close friendship between his influential father and the college principal. He was also sure of getting a job at a huge company the same way later on. The second guy struggled, got involved and strove to learn the subjects. He may have not been the brightest in the entire batch or in the top 5 percentile, but he was very much interested in the courses and was willing to take ‘that extra step’. He got admitted into the college after getting a good rank in the entrance exam. He even took extra classes to prepare for these exams. He was thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to study in a prestigious university.

So what happened to these guys? The first guy ended up in a good company using his father’s influence and got everything without having to work hard. He completed his engineering with below average scores but still bagged a six figure salary job. (after all, marks aren’t everything, right?) His life remained to be easy and smooth. The second guy ended up with a mediocre job along with a major part of the rest of the uninterested bunch. His life cycle continues the similar way – striving to succeed in work too. His life is now merely reduced to a 9 to 6 job inside a cubicle of an air conditioned room with a five figure salary.


14 thoughts on “personal contacts

  1. There are weveral things which matters. From personal contacts you can get admission and get a first job but you won’t be able to succeed in life with it. The second guy who is very hard working and has passion for his work can break any barriers and can prove himself better than other at any point in life.

  2. Loved the ‘Marks Aren’t Everything’ line in your post. :-)

    The second friend of yours should keep patience. Karma speaks for itself. The first one may have got the job now, but there onwards he would have to strive hard to make a mark for himself. If he doesn’t have it in himself, he won’t survive for long.

    More than how it starts, what matters is how it ends.

    • Thanks Yaju!

      You’re right. Life would get tougher for the first one from now. He is not used to facing challenges and working hard. All of this is required to survive in the real world. It’s what Vipul said above too.

      “More than how it starts, what matters is how it ends.” AMEN to that.

  3. Hey…
    According to my opinion…the second person has more personal satisfaction than the first one ! For the first person ..its like yet another chocolate …but for the second person it is hard earned chocolate :) !
    Nice post..

    • Wouldn’t it be ‘disappointment’ instead of ‘satisfaction’? I mean, he worked so hard only to end up with a mediocre job. He deserved a better future. But the first one got a high-end undeserving job.

  4. first guy : work in a company for sometime. before u start with serious work, switch to another company for a higher post giving false description of experience. continue the same way till u become a manager. u dont need to be technical after this point of time. just get the things done.
    u can find quite a lot of ppl like this..

    second guy : saying that “his hard work will pay off” is cliche.. it doesn’t work that way.. having passion for something is just the 1st part.. channeling it and making it work to your advantage is important. otherwise, passion remains only in your heart and not in your hands, like a lost lover.

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