Turning 21

…and finally, I am on the other side of twenties. Some people asked me what was on my ‘birthday wish list’, and quite honestly, I did not know what I truly wished for upon turning 21. I already have everything a girl my age can possibly need (very cliched, yes). I am thankful for having the most supporting parents, an always encouraging sister, an ever sweet grandmom, and the most cheerful friends. S baked me a cake and took me to my old school, after which we visited a government school for a while where I got an opportunity to interact with the kids. At home, dad bought a cake and they all sang for me. It was a blessed day. The annual birthday visit to the temple helped me to focus upon the important things that life has in store for me this year.

A lot has to be conquered and achieved. A lot has to be changed. I promise myself that I will cherish every special moment and not take anything for granted. My life is special and I am born with a purpose, to make a difference, to spread goodness, and to inspire. When I foresee my life on a timeline, I want to remember it for all the memorable moments and people involved. Turning 21 is burdening, filled with a lot of expectations. I should challenge myself and rise above the expectations. I shall figure out what I wish from life, or it may randomly hit me on the head one day.

That day, I will catch hold of it, and run with it.


16 thoughts on “Turning 21

  1. Being on the other side of 20 for a few yrs now, i realized that this is prolly the decade of your life. education, work, enjoyment, frustration, longing, desperation, determination and all such phoney nouns play a big role in shaping up the future. i saw my childhood and adoloscence depart, to make way for adulthood, turning a person of ideas, into a person of action. Wish you luck to shape your life well and take pride in it always!

  2. Hey, very deep thoughts. thumbs up for your dedication to bring change and do good to a soceity inspite of looking for “money” behind which everyone is running. Keep it up. Kee your spirits alive !!

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