Living with grandma

Hello! So I figured that I should write more often here, rather than aimlessly describe days and people on my offline journal (it’s a very effective way to release energy, I guarantee you!). Anyway, I’ve been living with my 70 year young grandma for the past ~2 months and now have some knowledge that I can share with you if you’re ever in a similar situation in the future. Grandparents are inevitably sweet and friendly people, we all know that! But they also have a bittery irritable side to them (with their uncontrollable chattering and stone age views). This can be ignored in most circumstances, it only gets on our nerves if we happen to live with them for a really looong time. (I may sound very harsh, but it’s just a wee bit exaggerated, okay? Okay.)

Rule #1 while living with a person >60 years of age is to BE PATIENT. Yes, be calm and composed in all situations. Do they go on and on about the health benefits of cucumber or papaya that you absolutely have no interest in knowing? It’s alright. Be patient. Hear, don’t listen. It’ll end for a while till pumpkin and ginger comes up. Also, who knows? We may unknowingly pick up pieces of this information and preach about it to our grandkids one day!

Rule #2 is to LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT TO. You tell them not to spend all their day in the kitchen, not to work, not to wash the vessels (what will the maid do the next morning?), not to clean…It won’t work. They will still do it once you disappear into your room and turn on loud music. It’s how they spend their time. By keeping things in order. Let them have their share of work (if they want to) as well. Keeping restrictions will only make them more miserable and make them handicapped. They want to be energetic and still be able to do work. Knowing that they can still perform these tasks like before is liberating and a part of being young.

Rule #3 is to NOT SHOUT AT THEM. I am guilty of shouting at my grandma and I feel terrible about it. There was a time when I just couldn’t take some of the things she did (let’s not get into that) and sort of yelled at her. She recovered pretty soon and got back to normalcy within minutes, but I couldn’t. She even cooked some AWESOME FOOD the next day to make me feel better. Ugh. I was eaten up by guilt the entire time.

Grandmoms (and probably granddads too, I wouldn’t know) are programmed to be the friendliest people on earth. No kidding. I can talk anything with her, things that I never discuss with my folks, y’know? Also, they cook the BEST FOOD EVER. And most importantly, they have a solution to everything. EVERYTHING. Whatever said and done, I love my grandma! She’s such a cool person. We eat pizza together, go on walks, shop like crazyy and cook together (she’s taught me so much). She even happily poses for my camera. She’s just the best!