Final Semester

I attended the first day of the final semester of college today. After many days of sleeping past 9 am, I was inspired to wake up early and have the same zeal in me that I had while attending the first day of college. I sat alone for a while, deserted in a huge chaotic classroom, and pretended to be busy on my phone. In reality, I was thinking about the way things turned out in the past four years. It is true what people say about college. They are the best and also the worst years of our lives. Four years ago, I was quite clear about my goals and the direction I was moving in. Today, I feel like I’ve been left to wander off in the middle of an enormous desert.

When I think about all that I’ve achieved and all that I haven’t, I don’t majorly regret any phase that I’ve been through or any decision that I’ve taken. Sometimes I feel that I should’ve done some things differently, but I don’t regret them either because I was fully aware of everything that I was involved in at the moment.

Anyway, in the last couple of months here, I hope to make the most of the time that I’ve got.¬†For the first time, I feel like Time is on my side. Even if for a short period.