Spinach and Soya plants that we’re growing as a part of our final year project work.

I never knew growing plants was such a hard thing to do. At first, we had to get the right sized pots, appropriate soil along with organic manure, and seeds (everything that we bought from the fantabulous nursery at Lalbagh). We’re presently taking care of 36 pots(!) and need to monitor the growth of these seedlings everyday. I didn’t know that I could be a good “plant person” either. Every time my mom asked me to water the plants and trees at home, I ignored. But now, I volunteer to do it even before I’m asked to help. Anyway, this has been really cool and a lot of fun so far. Moreover, I get to take pictures of them too, so wohoo.

Another thing about this work is that the person whom I’m working with is really different from me and the kind of people usually in my friends circle. This has given me an opportunity to explore the dynamics of a different kind of relationship. This is something that I need to experience and learn from.


5 thoughts on “Project

    • The project is about isolating certain peptides called ‘phytochelatins’ from plants (which are induced due to heavy-metal toxicity) and building a biosensor using them.

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