It has been a month since I started a new chapter of my life as a graduate student in a foreign land. What may I tell you about it? I have been meaning to put my experiences into words for the blog but it seems so hard to write now. Please help me get back to this hobby that I once loved dearly. I’d very much like to contain my memories in this tiny part of the blogosphere. Let’s see where this takes me.


8 thoughts on “Block

  1. I don’t exactly remember how I started following your blog. But just had a look on your new post, and perhaps I can say something. :)
    You don’t really have to say anything to the audience here; but if you really want to, you’ll have to take time to write few lines *everyday* just noting the important stuffs that you did or something peculiar/interesting that you noted in that foreign land. Perhaps, just before dozing off at night, you can write for 15 minutes or so; you don’t even have to write it perfectly, just a sketch. That’s it, and post it, right away. No need to polish.
    In any case, being in a new land for the first can be very demanding, so my small advice will be to go with the flow and enjoy the new surrounding and challenges. Don’t really worry about blogging. You can always write down from memory, albeit, some minor details will be lost.
    So. Relax. Enjoy.
    Guess what. I have assignment to do, and I am writing this stupid reply, which altogether you know deep down in your heart! Cheers!

    • Hey Nirakar, thanks for kind words. I think I will start following your advice from today. I really wish that I don’t give up on writing – however bad it may be! I am have a great experience here and like you said, I am going with the flow. I feel like I’m having this huge writer’s block that I need to get out of.
      Happy studying! Cheers.

  2. Just go take a look at your twitter timeline. I guess you have well documented your trip so far already!
    So you are already half way there. Just take 15 mins of your time to take a bunch of those tweets and expand them into a proper post.


    • I feel so embarrassed by my twitter timeline, Rahul! Also, tweets are more like instantaneous expressions. It would be hard to expand them into long posts. But this is a good idea. Thanks :)

  3. I have been a regular reader of this space for many years, too. :)

    Not many people get the opportunity to go abroad an study, for financial or academic reasons. (Congratulations, and well done!) They would probably want to read how it is to go to a foreign country and study. You can give your perspective on how college is different there, from here. How the social life is different, the language is different, the food is different, etc. etc.

    Also, good luck with your studies and work hard.

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