A new phase and a new blog

Hello everyone,

Priceless Junk was created when I was a high school student back home in Bangalore. This blog has always been very close to my heart albeit its ups and downs over the course of many years. I originally fell in love with blogging because it provided me an opportunity to open up myself (and my life) to a tiny part of this world. Turning over a new leaf is my attempt to get back to the roots with a fresh start. I have been wanting to write about science and education (among other things) for a long time now and I don’t think Priceless Junk is the right platform to do that anymore. The last year has changed me to a huge extent and I just can’t relate to this persona any longer. I enjoyed my time here as an ambivert, confused high school and college student who was trying to figure herself out. The past year has given me a great deal of exposure, perspective, confidence and determination to renew my attitude towards life.

Priceless Junk encompasses one phase of me and now it’s time to move on to the next. I no longer feel the need to bury this space under the deep dark corners of the web. I am truly grateful that I had the chance to share my thoughts with you all. I have known some of you longer than I’ve known my friends, and it delights me to witness all of us moving ahead in all directions to achieve greater things!

This is definitely not a goodbye and I hope we can keep in touch through my new blog or my twitter account, where I chatter a lot.