Hello, welcome to some random bits and pieces of my life!

I’m a 22 year young girl from Bangalore, India. I started blogging in 2007, when in class 10. Presently, I’m an undergrad student majoring in biotechnology!

Priceless Junk is my personal space on the web. I like conversations. Especially about opinions, perspectives, possibilities and the future. It is what keeps me going through the day. A wide range of things interests me. A hot cup of coffee, the sound of rain, the smell of sandalwood incense sticks, the calmness of the night and soulful music are a few of them. I wish to read more (often). I want to travel the world and make photographs. A week, a month or even a year may not be enough to achieve all that I’ve planned, but it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to achieve them. I am passionate about science and art. I believe that genuine and sincere education can take us a long way.

In August 2010, I founded an independent electronic publication called START magazine to showcase the works of young Indian artists. I constitute one half of the Delhi vs Bangalore project. I upload my photographs on Tumblr on a regular basis.


141 thoughts on “About 

  1. hey being perfect isnt everything… coz if ur perfect ull have too many responsibilities for u to handle n if u arent able to keep up with ’em u arent gonna be happy….so nothin wrong being imperfect….

  2. Kool stufs out here….!!….I cant stop myself frm adding u to my blogroll……..!!……:)

    have a nice time ahead buddy…….!!……:)

  3. Hey thanks for ur visit n comment in my blog :)
    ..hmm i m quite impressed with ur blog n nice to see some body of about my age blogging ;) ..cool…
    keep rocking

  4. well pretty very very gud actually …..well you are the kind of gal what say !……..who njoys life to the xxtreme!!!! rock on pri !!!!

  5. @ Rajat : Thanks a Lot !!

    @ Vishesh : Oh…errr….True.

    @ Allirekha : Hey ya !! I’ve come across a llot of our age people blogging ! Cool isn’t it ?

    @ Umabaran : Thanks a lot !! Yeah, I’ll keep in touch ! Yours is a very informative blog !!

    @ Prerana : Thanks ! :P

    @ Vivek : Thank you and yeah, welcome to the Club buddy !! Stay happy ! :D

  6. @ Sandeep : Thank you Sandeep ! :)

    @ Yaake : Heheehe !! Yeah, Me a Bengloor Hudugi :P
    Bloggers meet ?? Yeah, sure ! If I can make it without having any tests or exams that is !! Would I be the youngest there !! Aiieeeeeee !

    @ Raghu : Cheeers !! :)

  7. @ Andback : Thanks a lot !

    @ Sameer : Thanks man. Yeah, sure why not. You have a cool blog too !

    @ Mustafa : It’s not a “Metal-music obsession”. The widget just suits my theme :D
    Moreover, Its a substitute for Hard Rock .
    I do LOVE Doors, Beatles, Floyd, Zeppelin, Clapton, Eagles, Hendrix and the others! Totally divine era !!

  8. Heya, really inspired by ur expressing skills……..you pen down the feeling soo well.

    Keep Blogging. ;)

  9. @ Nitya : Thank you so much !! (:

    @ Intutius : Thanks man !! *Batting Eyelashes* (:

    @ Visio159 : Yeah, I love colours !! Just checked your website..pretty cool ! Cheers !

  10. @ Artisticked : Flickr ? Nope..I’m still into serious photography ;) Shall be there soon !! Checked out the site…thanks for introducing Avial ! I totally love karakura now :D

    @ RJ : Thanks a lot !! *flashes her eye lashes in aww* :)

    @ Anujjha : Thankuuu so much !! Cheers !! :)

  11. Hmmmm….really glad to hear that mate…!!…..Which cam do u have now….!!….in to serious photography….wow….That sounds great…..Best wishes mate….!!…..:)

  12. Hey thank u very much for all the support and i’d like to suggest one thing….!!….U had given a link in ur blog page named proya….But it;s linked to ur latest blog it slef…..But i think u have to link that to ur About me” page…..I mean this one….:)

  13. Digital cam !! :P But hey, the new sony cyber shot so its pretty good !! :D

    Oh you mean – “author” ??? Ahh….I cant do anything about it. Its generated by wordpress itself. Its a widget :D

  14. wokay… i had no other choice in posting this comment here.. coz there was no contact page…!

    Wokay.. do you wanna have a link exchange with my blog? if so please mail me.. :)
    And yeah.. it will be better if you would delete this comment after you read it.. :)

  15. Pri – Pretty neat about me section. I read ur bucket list too – its not asking for much and its hilarious!

    Usually the about me section tells you a lot about a person and this about me sections tells a hell lot if stuff. I like the fact that you are a rockstar – sad to see no mention of Kurt Cobain! My fav! :)

    The “unperfect” life is cool – be that way!

    You are one of a kind!

  16. @ Joel : You can assume to be any page you want!! :D Yeah sure, why not !! You have a great blog. You from Bangalore too right ?! Cool !! And no, I’m not deleting this comment ~!! Rock on !! :)

    @ RJ : Thanku !! Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve put up my favourite Cobain quote !! And I love ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ !!
    You’ve really made my day though the comment !! Yayy!! Cheerss !! :D

  17. @Priya: LOL…ok..ok..Thanks.. :) Yes I am from Bangalore…
    Added you to my blogroll… ;) And yeah..! You have been tagged by me. Just check out my blog.
    And also why don’t added some comments on my blog too.. ;)

  18. @ RJ : Will surely check out the blog !! Well…Cobain….sigh..
    “It is better to Burn out than to Fade away”.

    @ Joel : Will do the tag asap !! You’ve got a cool blog out there! Will comment soon!! Have fun!!

    @ Sakhi : Thank You !! :) Longest ?? Never hit me !!

  19. how can call this blog junk?! you have got some amazing posts. but ur right abt priceless! best personal blog i have seen!

  20. @ Joel : Yeah got the mail…I don’t think its a good idea to do something similar to YU now…I mean, the only difference would be India an World right ?? Anyway, I’ll reply asap.

    @ KnightZoso : *batting eyelashes with innocent flush in the cheeks*
    Thank You !! You’ve made my day, really!! :) Cheers !!

  21. Imperfection, though not an art by itself, it can grow into one with people like me n u… as for ur bucket-list… Drive it, don’t let it drive u!

    ps : i dunno if u intended to show-off ur attitude, but i enjoyed ur ‘e’-outspoken nature! :)

  22. @ Ankita : Hey, Thank You so much !! :D

    @ Harshasrisri : //Imperfection, though not an art by itself, it can grow into one with people like me n u.
    Heavy words for me to digest all at once !! :P

    Well, ‘e’-outspoken nature…thats just me ! :D ‘My Attitude’ ? Lol.

    @ Reema : I simply LOVE smelly cat ! :D Yeah, I’m a total FRIENDS freak. Can skip 3 nights of sleep to watch all the seasons you know (gulp!)
    Thanks a lot…will check out Your Random Thoughts asap :)

  23. @ Articked : Its changed to the beach now! :D How I love changing my headers!!

    @ Harshasisri : Aaah I see! And thank you! Will read up your “SU” asap! Cheers!

    @ Akshayy : Hey! Thanks a lot! :D *blushes*

  24. Hey! I really like this blog of yours! Especially your entries and photos. Do you mind I exchange link? For your age I think your an amazing little writer… Love the things you write.

    By the way, your user name : PRICELESSJUNK is MEGA funny. Loves it!

  25. Um.. uh… I dunno if you’ve noticed this before, but the calendar widget in your sidebar reads “Caldender”…!!! :D :D :D :D

  26. @ mrdakota : Sure thing! Link me up anywhere you want! Btw, you havent linked you blog/webpage with the comment?
    Thank you so much! You’ve made my day!! Priceless Junk is an oxymoron actually. Glad you liked it! Thanku!

    @ Nikhil : Omg! Yes, I saw it now. When/How/where/How did sucha thing happen ? :-o You’re very observant you know! Bah! Changed it now…thank god.

  27. Heyyyy!!! Saw your comment.. Sorry my link didn’t show up! :D
    It’s MRDAKOTA.WORDPRESS.COm ^^ would love to link you!

  28. @ Nikhil : Lol, I did that on purpose. :P

    @ T : Ohh !! Thanks for tagging me! Thats gonna take a long long time!

    @ Ashish : Thanks man. Judas Priest vs Maiden? I prefer the later one. Plus, Bruce looks hot when he screams! :P

    @ MrDakota : Hey! I checked out your blog! Its vast! Will comment asap!

  29. I was just comparing the vocalists. But in an all out Band war, I put my money on my boys – Black Sabbath! :twisted:

    I can’t comment on the Bruce being hot part though… he’s just another dude. :| :P

  30. Alright, No.1 rule of blogging… never take anything I say literally. See I’m well known. :P I was referring them as my favourite band. Heh. And I’ve never heard Ozzy solo.. nor do I have any inclination, Ozzy = nothing without Iommi, Butler and Ward. :D

    As for Bruce being hot [again] I probably would think like you if I was a girl but as I’m not… hes just another dude. :P

  31. Hi
    Came bloghopping…like yur blog a lot…
    and one of the best About Me pages i ever read…ccha! why didnt i write this!? :D

    Guess its to do with the name, because i find a lot of similarity in my character n yurs :D only, am not a rockstar….i prefer soft music :D :D

    very lively blog! aing yu tu my blogroll!

  32. @ Ashish : You havent heard Ozzy solo ? :-o
    You havent heard Mama I’m coming home ?? Ok, Sabbath Boy, you rule !

    @ Vivek : I wonder too !!

    @ Scorpria : Hey! Thanks a lot!! :)
    Well, we all are different and special in our own way, arent we ?
    I was wondering if you could leave back your link too!! I don’t see any link here! How can I get to see your space?! :D

  33. hi priya ,

    after long time i was laughing today whole heartedly for 2-3 hrs . after reading all your moments and responses n reflexes abt (” faraday´s topic ” n vodka experience) from u n ur other frds (neha , sandeep , jeol………) just reminds me my schooling days n at same time inspires me to start my own blog some day . i feel you all have well balance of expression and thought to certain extent n making other´s happy just looking at ur expressions . at 26, in this way i am learning a lot too ……… the language , the style of expression to be attractive n audible from u all . keep going n have loads of smiles . pls dont stop ur studies , physics n maths n electromagnetics need your funny n harsh expressions . continue as long as you , u can succeed n they (faraday´s law n circuit laws) doest make u day dream in ur flikkering cobian night sleep .


  34. Hoi hoi….!!…..:)…..How things going out there….!!…??…Hope doing fine and best of luck for everything …..I think exams,practicals and much more is happening out there….!!….:)

    Have a nice time ahead…….!!

  35. @ Rama Krishna : Thanks a Tons!! Your kind words made my day, really! If we all can inspire you to blog, then why don’t you start a blog too!! It would be great to have you in our blogosphere!
    What you’ve said about continuing with studies and physics is true. It all makes so much of sense. :D Good to hear that we all made you laugh for that loong! We never realise these things until you tell us!! :D It makes me feel really good now! Thanks again!

    @ Artisticked : Thanks man…you seem to be busy too!! No new snaps, no new songs?!

    @ Quirky Indian ( soooo catchy! ) : He does Rock! I like IM too! YAY! Thanks!

  36. As much as i know abt ur music sense i think i might love the new album of Coldplay – Viva La Vida……!!…….:)
    An awesome album….:)

  37. Hell yeah…..!!……His voice really rocks….:)….Actually my friend visited my friends there at b’lore for the Megadeth Show….!!….But unfortunately i was not able to attend the show ….:(…..Great miss…!!…Anyway coldplay …… Awesome….:)

  38. @ Artisticked : Megadeth Show!! Whoa! Okay!! Hey btw, Avial were/are here too!! Their interviews and photos are all over Bangalore Times! :D
    “Live the Life” !! Amen !!

  39. Hmmm…yeah i know they were there and they r my friends here….!!…..Used to spend time with the band and u know….it’zzz really nice to b with them….:)….!!

  40. Hi Priya,

    Yours about me section is superb. Something very interesting. And for a little 17-year old girl, the things you posted are very trendy and cool.

    If you find sometime visit my blog:

    I am just started blogging. So yours comments will be helpful in constructing my blog.

  41. Hi Priya,

    Really loved your blog…. I am not a blogger but I do write alot and also wish to start blogging sometime. Though I don’t think my blog’ll be half as good as yours. You really seem to be mature for your age and your writing style is extremely unique. Bloggers like you will make the internet a nicer place :)
    Keep up the good work.


  42. @ Artisticked : Thats so cool…wow !!

    @ Kanagarajonline : Hey! Welcome to my blog !! Thanks a lot !! I shall check out your blog asap !!

    @ Anirudh : Thanks a lot !! Start blogging !! Its fun !! :D You made my day !! Yohooo !! Keep visiting !! Cheers !!

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  44. Hey there..your blog’s capturing :) I came across 2-3 blogs of your friends too, like wasshappening, megyaan, and entertainment blog – arvind’s i think.. the network is good..not many blogs are a good read in todays world you know..and its cool 2 find blogs which are worthy of some time :) Keep up the good work you guys!


  45. @ Eerv – Yeah, we’ve got an awesome network around the blogoshpere !! Its makes blogging even more fun this way !! Thanks a lot !! Cheers !! :)

    @ Chirag – Whoa !! Thanks !! :)

  46. After a number of visits to your priceless junk-yard, I think I am going to add it to my blogroll. I like the new header. I don’t know if it is a problem with Google Chrome or with all browsers, but the About Me tab shows up only when you roll the mouse over it. Check it out.

  47. @ The Illuminator – Thanks! About the header – The about Me tab was there all the time !! It was not visible coz the background colour was white ( same as the text colour ) =P
    I’ve changed the header now, anyway !!

  48. Nice blog! Took me some searching across a blog on the lighter side. People apparently tend to reserve their darker and more disturbing thoughts for the blogosphere!

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  50. @ -N- : Thanks! Yeah sure!!

    @ Sudharsan : Thanks a lot !! You might as well check out my blogroll ‘coz its very diffeent from what you’ve said. There are many of us on the ‘lighter’ side! =D

    @ Manasa : Thanks!

    @ Aniesha : Thanks a lot! WordPress has a seperate page for the about me section! So it never goes unnoticed!

    @ Sneha : He He, thank you !!

    @ Kapil : Flickr!! Yeah, I actually did upload some photos, im no way getting ’em up anywhere around!
    Hmmm….can’t think of blogging now, life’s in a mess, words don’t flow =(
    Will try to be back asap!! =)

  51. @ Aniesha – Hahaha true! Thank you soo much :)

    @ Harsh – Thanks!

    @ Kapil – Should every header have a name?

    @ Artisticked – Thats one cool page! Awesome work!

    @ Trailblaser – Thanks :)

  52. Awesome is the word gal!!!!

    Keep up d things rolling and 3 months break? Damn my profession, have to fight even for a week’s off :)


  53. @ Shri – 3 months break because of exams! Its valid! Thanks a LOT!! Hope you get your break soon :)

    @ Harish – Well, thats an oxymoron actually. Very attractive one at that! :D Thanks!!

    @ Lucid – Good!! I see you’re up on making up your space on blogger! Hope to see you soon!! A BIG FLOYD FAN i see!! *hi fi*

  54. Your blog seems to be REALLY interesting (: And it seems to have a lot much common between us. I also have experience of 18 years at my credit (:

    Adding you to my blog roll. Hoping to learn a lot from you!(:

    Bless thee always.

  55. I happend to go through your blog accidently when I was looking for some information. I am in my early thirties I got embrassed by your words like “fuck”, “suck”, “screwup” etc. Is these words common now in youths? or it is the generation gap that made me feel embrassing?

  56. Kiran – Thanks a Lot! That video is funny and nice!

    Alice – Thank You Alice =)

    Spotlesssoul – Hey! Welcome to my Priceless Junk! =)
    And geee, Thanks!! :D
    Why havent to linked to your blog? I’d love to visit your space too!!

    Bazeeth – Yes these words are very common in youths.
    And yes, it must have been the generation gap that made you feel embarrassing.
    Actually, early 30s is not that old. I know a lot of people of that age who are very casual and used to it.

  57. You are really a different girl from others. You have a very bright future,I am sure that you are going to make it.All the best for your future.Such a interesting character,i have ever seen.you are the one upon the billions in the world.

  58. These little imperfections makes us more human. We’re not some android designed by God with no software malfunctioning at all! And ofcourse, the life would be so boring without PMSs. :P

  59. Breath-taking photostream..
    We share interests to make a diffence in this world. I’m starting a foundation to build a orphan home in India. To provide a home, shelter, education en medical care. We’re now building a website.. and I’d like to ask you if I can use your amazing photo’s? zenzihome@gmail.com

    Cheers, Ellen

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  62. Most welcome!!!

    Would appreciate it a lot if you could let me know of your thoughts about my blog too! Always looking for ways to improve and a neutral/unbiased perspective always helps!

    Thanks in advance!

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