Delhi vs Bangalore in the News

This is actually a long time back. Nidhi and I were featured on Deccan Chronicle for our Delhi vs Bangalore project. Just thought I’ll leave this here….(click through to read).

Delhi vs Bangalore in the News


Sunday morning at Cubbon Park

I took my camera out after a long time on Sunday. Sharing some photographs from the morning photo walk with PIXELS group at Cubbon Park, located at the heart of Bangalore.

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With sixth semester officially done, I now want to invest more time in making pictures.

Rock Pigeons at Lalbagh

An early morning walk at Lalbagh by the lake is something that everyone in this city should experience. Especially those who’re consumed by the daily street smoke and other exhausts. This is one of my favorite spots in the park (walk straight down from the west gate) seized by rock pigeons who’re fed by the walkers / joggers every morning. A single clap and you’ll see them fly around a chopped trunk of a tree and return back. A beautiful sight to witness for a few moments.

The next time you spot a pigeon, know that you are looking at one of the most intelligent birds on the planet. They have been used as messengers, race birds (sold for $130000+), life savers at sea (since they can identify & differentiate colors), etc.

Note: There are 2 more related photographs on my photoblog – here and here.

Lalbagh Independence Day flower show 2011

It was decided almost instantaneously today morning to visit Lalbagh with grandmom to check out the 100’th annual Independence Day flower show. I had been there last year at the exact same time and thus knew what kind of an exhibit to expect, but it was different for my grandmom as she was witnessing this flower feast only after many years. Being a gardening enthusiast, I was sure that she would enjoy it. This year, the horticulture department has put up a 20 feet high and 30 feet wide replica (decked with white roses) of the famous Lotus Temple (Delhi) in the glass house. Apart from this creation, there were many many varieties of flowers from different parts of India and the world- just like every year.

I just don’t understand why they chose to create the Lotus Temple this time. Not that there is anything wrong in it, but I would have liked to see something more relevant to the city being displayed instead. I would have preferred gasping at a structure that is symbolic to Bangalore. Not necessarily an architectural monument, I’m sure one can bring out the city’s essence in other ways too.

Turns out the show was not exclusive to flowers only. There were a lot of stalls outside the glass house where all sorts of items were being sold. From seeds to decorative lamps and herbal products, etc were showcased, just like in a fair.

I wish to go there next year as well. Not because of the flowers, but because I feel that I should be a part of something that has been organized for the people of this city, and which has a lot of work gone into it by non-mainstream folks. It’s like doing my bit to show them some appreciation. After all, Bangalore is not very community focussed and such rare unique events reminds us about the city we belong to.

Bengaluru Infinite 2010 Experience

April 25th saw more than 160 photographers capturing different scenes of our city from 8 am to 8 pm. It was 12 hours of pure excitement and enthusiasm of seeing Bengaluru in different moods during different times of the day. However, my experience in the event was quite different from the other photographers.


A month back, I got a mail from Suyog asking me if B’lore Photo Walk would be interested in partnering with Infinity F for the event. It meant that I, as an admin, must ensure maximum participation and help out with the organizing. I was looking forward to participating in BI2010 and was excited to be a part of the organizing committee!

I did a bit of web promotion work through facebook and twitter. The real thrill was in meeting Suyog and PeeVee [my mentors] the day before the event. We had a 3-4 hour long conversation about a lot of things in general and in photography. That day, my perception on many things changed. I realized what I was doing wrong and what had to be done to change. It was very deep and enlightening.

I reached Cubbon Park at around 7:00 am the next day and was surprised to see many photographers already waiting to get themselves registered! That day, I got to use PeeVee’s Nikon and Suyog’s Canon 50D! [Not to forget Sandeep’s wildlife gear: 100 – 400 mm lens!]. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just lucky. People have been so kind to me everywhere. [I got to use the Canon 350, 18-200 mm lens for almost a month!]. It was nice to see so many photographers, young and old, that day. One of the highlights for me was going through Raghu Rai and Raghubir  Singh’s books. I regret not having attended the award ceremony last Sunday at Jaaga.

City Market Experience

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”

I understood what that means when I visited the Bangalore City Market today.

I left house at 9 in the morning and headed towards K.R. Market [the Bangalore City Market]. There are lots of direct buses to the place and it was not at all difficult in terms of travelling. I had to meet Joel there by 9.40 for a TOI project [yeah..whatever, chuck]. I reached there before him and was waiting, while lots of freaky things happened around me. One advice to you- if you are coming to Bangalore, don’t ever visit this place just for the ‘heck of it’. Unless you are haunting for some good deep Indian portraits [or if you want to buy 10 gerberas for just 2 bucks]. We walked towards the flower market and shot everything on the way. I realized that street photography is not my thing AT ALL. Out of 84 shots that I took, I think not even 2 of them came close to me liking it..

The inside of the city market is hell lot of spooky. But people [mostly traders] there are real friendly and will show you around. There were a group of kids who were so excited when they saw us with cameras. They made us shoot them with their mom, dad, aunts and uncles and everyone :-\ There was SO much activity inside the place that we were just lost. There were pots, vegetables, fruits, bags, spices, flowers, coconuts, seeds, etc. They sell all this in whole sale and this is the main place from where the other shop keepers from all over the city buy stuff from. So you-get-the-idea.

We wanted to go to the “rose market” from there but found out that it closes before 9 am. So we walked all the way on the fly over [it was exhausting] and took city shots from the high view. Ofcourse, I ended up with only lamp posts on the fly over [I find them really fascinating even now..]. We walked around 4 kms only on the fly over. What kind of a sane person does that?? But twas fun, I admit! We could see a lot of activity happening in the market from the fly over.

I’ve started to understand what some things in life mean. My father is right- “the more you travel, the more you learn”. And its not just about us. Its about the place we live in, the kind of people there are, the kind of lives they live, the activity that happens around the city, the conditions that you get exposed to… The “rush of life” that you experience when you visit such places is really something. You realize that its not just about the malls and the multiplexes. There is something more to it all.

i keep making lists.

It seems so long that I’ve logged into WP. There are 101 things that must be done in my life and I’ve not even started with the first thing. Anyway.

The Lalbagh Photo Walk went pretty well. I seriously cannot describe everything so you can view the shots and read the report here. I learnt a lot of things from BPW- never under estimate your camera [even if it is 6 MP point & shoot], cloudy days are not good for nature shoots, I need to talk less [and not make a fool of myself by talking without thinking], a lot of things that I thought were a #fail were actually #NOT, never be on time coz no one is :-\

It has been so breezy in Bangalore from the last 3- 4 days. Doors keep banging and curtains keep swaying all the time. My iPod is dead from when has taken over all sorts of music links. My room needs to be cleaned big time. School books need to be thrown given away. Books need to be returned to the library. More files to be organised. Testimonials to be written for some sweet people :-) New set of clothes need to be bought for college [yay]. And etcetera.  And etcetera. So now I’ll just go back to making more lists of “what needs to be done” and and then make more lists :-P and powercuts making my holiday

It gets better everytime! To give you a clue, I’m talking about music. So whats new? @hnprashanth gifted me a subscription! That means I can listen to non-stop, personalised radio! I also get ad-free browsing and streaming & listen to stations of music I’ve loved/tagged. I’m loving it so far!

My account was created a long time back [when I was on blogger, used yahoo messenger and orkut :-\]. You can check it outhere.

Hot stuff on my playlist: Deep Purple, Lifehouse, Junkyard Groove [11:11 bootleg is out for free download, go get it!], Goo Goo Dolls [there is more to them than Iris, if thats the only track you’ve heard] and a ‘lil bit of others.

So seems like north India has cooled down atlast. I’m getting to see pictures of rain everywhere. Thats good. The weather down here in Bangalore is pleasant [as always] but the only biggest annoying thing are the power cuts. Whats worse is that they don’t cut it on one go, like for a few hours continuously. They cut it every 5- 20 minutes and just when you feel happy that its back, puff! It goes again. In the meantime, I get completely lost and fidgety and act drunk trying to throw things at my poor grandma :-|

Give me some suggestions as to what I can do during the power cuts? Please don’t say “read” coz I have already read 4 books by Sheldon and am currently reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” [I simply can’t get to finish this, it is too sad and too plain. Not my type]. My mom thinks learning to cook is a good idea. I do not want to chop vegetables, mix spices and fry them till they get brown/black/whatever!!! Holidays get worse with power cuts. Humph.

Rain and the City.

Its raining as I write this. Its aweeeeeeesome! Its also thundering and lightning and all that. One thing good about this season. It sucks away all the life from you during afternoons and returns it back through rain in the night.

I’m romaing around the city now a days. Had been to Indiranagar for an entrance exam yesterday. Very nice place. I’d also been to food street with my dad 2 days back. After hearing a lot about the place, we finally decided to check it out. Pretty decent but kindda a turn off. I don’t know in what sense. Maybe its because we ought to have good appetite to enjoy such places. Or whatever.

I’m spending a lot of tme with my dad these days. Maybe its coz I’ve never really had a chance to be with him during my childhood. It always used to be mom, sis and me. Now that he’s back in Bangalore and sis is outside, I get to do all the things with him. I also went for a morning walk with him one day. Yes, only one day. I couldn’t survive even 20 minutes of it. I was flat dead by the end of it!