So schools closed tomorrow. I thought tomorrow would be like an awesome day and stuff. It was supposed to be the last day of school. We were supposed to make a class video and take loadsa photos!

Now, I’m just too bored. And kinda pissed too. Been watching the television since evening. Seeing the same stuff again and again. Getting really sick of all thats happening in our country and not being able to react properly. Already read 4 serious posts about them around the blogosphere.

Other than that, I fought with my sis on gtalk. Yeah, like, after an year, we’re fighting again! This time through the internet. How lame is that.

Some 100 people are messaging the same thing (“no skl tom”) at the same time, so thats annoying too.

I’m so bored, I’m actually messaging my dad who’s on the ground floor right now. Yeah, we do that. Mesg each other in the same house. Its actually fun but gets irritating when he starts sayin stuff like “go study”, “get offline”, “do something productive”, “tun off the music”. So I just ignore him =|

Its freakin freezing!! My rooms the coolest (literally) part of the house right now. Its been raining continuously. Like, for 2 days. It’s really nice in school. This atmosphere. Drizzle and all.

Been watching a lot of movies lately. Watched “Raise Your Voice” yesterday and “10 Things I hate about You” today (Heath Ledger is really awesome in the movie!). Both on youtube. I like the new wider video screen in there now. Planning to watch another one tomorrow. Well…

Pre-boards start from 5th Dec. I’m soo screwed. Someone said the other day, that these exams are conducted so that we make all the mistakes now rather than in the Boards. Makes a lot of sense.

Half of my class is online right now! Thats like a record ‘coz, they’re usually working out JEE problems from some unknown big book.

A lot of random other things are on my mind, but I’ll just stop now.

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Senior School Memories

I can now count the number of days left for school to end. Less than 20 days for the “official” end. Then there are just series of exams- 3 pre-boards and finally the big this-decides-your-future-exam. Everyones started to scare me and stuff. “4 more months”, “are you preparing”, “no television, no phone calls, no computer” sort-of scaring. Whatever said and done, these 2 years have been one heck part of my life. All those realizatons-soul searching-reflections-depression-happiness-anxious-confusion sort-of years. They say we learn from everything everyday. Good or bad. Thats exactly what it was. Some things will be missed the most, some good times and happy memories =)

  • Running to canteen to have ice-cream between labs and classes.
  • Discussing comp teacher’s sense of dressing and the matching jewellery.
  • Boys singing “mama I’m coming home…” inbetween classes.
  • Birthday treats and embarrassing budday people in every class.
  • Pratty callin at 4 am in the morning to wake me up!!
  • Faraday !!
  • Waiting in the van stop at freezy 7 am and looking at hot guys jogging =P
  • Lab assistant’s ever-glowing fluorescent shirts !!
  • Our substitute math teacher’s american accent and her “you guys are driving me nuts!”.
  • Sitting in the corner seats in library and gooosssssiipppiiinngg !
  • Computer technician’s super-man belt !!
  • Madhu says “Pri has never bunked this year!” and I bunk the next day.
  • Singing “another brick in the wall” like drunkards inbetween classes…
  • Shourav and Yoga’s most famous “Chari-Dance”!!
  • Flirting with the canteen guy to get an extra topping on the ice-cream!!
  • Playing VB with the guys. Listening to all the “guy talk”.
  • Talking about the princi’s changing hair colour !!
  • Grand steps. View to the BB court.
  • Guys enter the class stinking right after games. Count 5-4-3-2-1 and there comes the AXE odour !! It doesnt end there. The AXEsmell mixes with the sweat smell and creates a new “fragrance” (pun intended). Makes everyone (except the guys, ofcourse) throw up in their mouth.
  • We have a Pappu in our class and “pappu can’t dance sala!” =P
  • Having ideas about beating up the American-Indian guy everytime.
  • Hiding Kau’s bag and laughing our ass off seeing him search everywhere!!
  • Counseling sessions. “If I had a magic wand, what would I change in my world?” Duhhh !! =P
  • Counting the number of days left in the year month week.
  • Shruthi and Me singing Avril in the van every morning to piss off the guys =P
  • Discussing theTwilight Series every 10 minutes =)
  • Relating every ‘lil thing to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and hopping from episodes to episodes.
  • Passing random *unfair-mean* comments at juniors in the assembly.
  • Teacher’s Day!! Children’s Day!!
  • Clicking pictures of every ‘lil thing around! Posing with insane freaky faces!
  • Guessing the wrong salt during salt analysis and repeating the whole expt 2-3 times *curse*
  • Making random caricatures on the desk esp. of some teacher/boy/girl *no names, ahem*
  • SMS attack on Anand in physics class !! =P
  • War of the songs before 1.45 pm. Who plays the best worst songs loudest.
  • Ankii !! She askin Qs every 3 mins in class and everything !!
  • Teasing Am and Pu for wrapping even the tiniest of their books!
  • Batni worssttttessttt (but funny =P) PJs.
  • Zee Boyzz shouting “Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy” durin fests and hi-fi days!
  • “I’m through with standing in line to clubs I’ll never get in”
  • Shouting all the wrong answers in chem class and still feelin good about it.
  • Cursing the eng teacher for swallowing all the words and making eng the most boring part of the day.
  • Getting wet in the rain and running towards the canteen for hot bajjis (and ice-candies!!)
  • Swati beat “he-who-must-not-be-named” in the finals by 1 mark!!
  • Making up all the values in the physics lab and gettin outta there asap !!
  • Sindhu singin “tandoori nightss” and us runnin behin to kick her bhatt !!
  • Corner Houseee !! Makin records of having eaten DBC and HCF the maximum no. of times !!
  • Gossip sessions at CCD =P
  • One day, Pratty and me bunked school and went shoppin !! In the rain !!
  • Ankit callin to ask if I’ve studied for the test; he changing phones like, every month!
  • Poorna’s weird-witty one-liners !! =P
  • Scribbling “Vander’s Wall” on all the walls in class.
  • “Screw school. I’m going to Hogwarts”
  • Always wanting to get inside the graveyard next to school.
  • Who’s with Who topics. Enuf said !!
  • Visits to lake behind school !! Findin out that the guys had peed in it once upon a time.
  • “You attend Gopal Iyer’s tuts in the morning, ACE after school, BASE every weekends and FIIT-JEE during nights??” =O “Oh! You’ve taken up BRILLIANTS correspondance as well??” =O
  • “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
  • Making lists like “places to visit after exams”, “movies to watch after exams”, “books to read after exams”. Never having accomplished one. Ok, maybe a few, atmost.
  • Finding rat’s poop in the basement while escaping from Pacchu once !!
  • He shoutin “you ICSE gaaals have lots of attitudee, I say!!”.
  • RKM embarrassing us in his classes. “Priya sleeps in my class. She got Prarthanised!” Oh, also, “Priya divided by Priya won’t give you Priya”.
  • “Effects of various types of anti-biotics on the growth of certain microbes present in milk” (gulp!)
  • Frog, Fish, Earthworm dissection. Viewin a complete different world under the microscope in the Bio lab. Fascinating!
  • The lab ass tryin to flirt with every girl. “I will give you a louuuley coloured salt!!” !!
  • Calling Anusha “Miss Jhamkhandi” on purpose to see her fume !!
  • Passing by some ultra cute junior boys in the corridors =P
  • Vivum ’08 – TISB – Treasure Hunt team, Comedy Inc with Shourav!! Remember Penguin?! =)
  • Mr. Robot, Mr. Dance, Mr. Fidgety, Mr. Drunk, Mr. Loner, Mr. Huh?, Mr. OMG, Mr. Attitude, Mr. Weird, Mr. Blank face, Mr. Scary eyes, all in one class.
  • Finding a whole bunch of junior girls in the loo trying to set their hair, apply lotions, lip glosses, oh-what-not in front of the mirrors!
  • Intuition. Madhu n I want to hog at the same time. We get down frm the bus. Run towards MTR.
  • “This is un-faiirr!! Commerce students get all the freedom!! Science gets 1 games class in a week!! We’re never left free. We never get to play”. Thus, play in class, ruin the school furniture, not our fault!!
  • Wonder La Trip !! Scary Head-Banging in zee van !!
  • Hot Hands!! ( it’s a game, duh!! )
  • Entertainment in forms of various coloured hair clips and ear-rings =P
  • Edward Cullen !! Since 1901, stupid, shiny volvo owner =)
  • Class 12 Farewell on Valentines Day ??!!! Yeeeeaah !!

School = Zoo ?!

Of late, school has turned out to be a domestic zoo. Apart from the regular chimps boys, there have been a lot of insects, rodents, reptiles, mammals and aves roaming around everywhere!

A squirrel got inside my bag once. Last week, a lizard crawled up the wall next to me! As I screamed ( just out of disgust, mind you ), I pushed my friend and made her fall down on the floor!! That lizard was so cautious, it went all the way up and stayed there for the next 2 hours. I was looking at it all the time during classes. It never moved. Don’t lizards get bored AT ALL?!

Like as if this wasn’t enough, some 3 bees kept on buzzing near us in the canteen! One among them was so huge. We were wondering if it was the queen bee ( yes, we do have boring conversations when we’re bored, duh! =| ). It wasn’t. Queen bees don’t fly around. They just sit on the bee hive and fertilize the eggs. Humph. So much for calling it a ‘queen’ bee. Whatever.

There are monkeys in the graveyard next to our school. They sit on the school compound and try to look out for victims, whom they can snatch food from. Apparently, monkeys are more intelligent than homosapiens. ( Source – EVOLUTION BY KORN ). They know exactly when the lunch break is. They are always near the canteen during that time! They chase the ‘lil kids ( and the big kids,  like, err…us ) away.

There were 2 cats in the canteen.  Now there are kittens. We saw them when they were like, a few days old, omg! Cutest ‘lil things ever!!

I don’t even know why I’m writing all this, but it feels like theres a lot more to school than just books, boards and benches. There are lizards, squirrels, mynas, cats, monkeys, wasps and bees too!!! *runs away chasing a butterfly*

I’m running…

………catch up with me, LIFE !!

Its very rare that I get to blog on fridays. Its very rare that I even get to come home this early on fridays. Everyday, I get up at 5.30 (ok, 6…), catch the van at 7, come home at 3.30, try to gulp all the food in a short time, hurry, hurry, run to the road, scream for an auto, go to tuts, spend the rest of he day there, get back only at around 8.30, or even 9. But today!! Classes suddenly got cancelled!! You know how it feels right?!

Today was a very fun day ( A-H-E-M ! ). We had medical checkup at school. It was so very weird. Turns out to be that I’m normal. In every sense. If only they could tell my mental state. None of us have been okay these days. How would you react if your friend messaged you at midnight saying she felt ‘dumped’ and ‘disgusted’ and ‘sad’ ? I wished that I could just run to her and cry along with her, ‘coz I felt the same way. Hmmmm. We all HAVE been working hard, they just don’t understand this! Yes, parents! They don’t know how it is. I feel they should just stop questioning us. Its really sad when it feels like they don’t trust you at all. Should there ALWAYS be an explanation for everything we do ?? They just don’t get it. Say what you want. Say things like, “They too have been at your stage once. They too felt the same pressure, they too experienced the same things.” To HELL with it! I don’t agree with this at all. I feel it was always different for them. They never grew in such an environment. They never had such things to deal with. Humph =|

My teachers are scared about things. Things like teenagers fagging, doping, trying to kill themselves and stuff. So we had to bear with an hour of shit about it in class. Its like the more we hear about the causes of all this, the more we can relate to it. I thought of writing something else today, but ended up with this. After everything thats happening in my life, this is all that could come out of me ! “All in all we’re just another brick in the wall……….”

Finally, a Movie and some Fun.

I stepped into a theatre after one year today. Yes, I’m not someone who would watch a movie in a theatre when you can simply download it through torrents overnight. :D Humph. I’d promised Prarthana ( long long long time back ) that we would go watch a moviesomeday. We badly wanted to see Rock On. Maybe we would have been lucky if we’d been there 5 minutes earlier. We ended up sitting in a theatre (half empty one, at that) and saw Ranbir Kapoor snogging 3 chicks. I think I slept in the second half of the movie. :| Anyway, we had fun passing random comments on some really pathetic songs ( Luuuckyyy Booiii … ) and stupidity of the actors. :D

Then we went to McD and found 9th graders of our school with their respective partners. Pratty was like “What the Farady?!, NINTH gradersss?!!”. We had free Landmark coupons ( which we got from winning stupid competitions at school ), so we searched throughout Landmark not knowing what to buy. I bought a Laser Purple Maybelline Eye Pencil ( It looks so cute! I can’t wait to try it out! :P ). She wanted to buy a book with her 450 bucks which she didn’t.

It was raining when we came out of the mall. What a better way to make the day memorable!! :) We went to Coffee Day, fully drenched. There too, we passed comments on some horrible couples trying to do everything which one shouldn’t do in public places!! :D

We saw some really really good looking guys and classified them as cute, hot and cool :| ( Don’t laugh! We are teenagers! We have the rights! :D )

All in all, it was a fun filled day ( a much awaited one after the exams!! ). Yahooo!! :D

Exams and Excuses

Practicals done. Two theory exams done. I cant believe I cried in the lab for not getting the proper results in one experiment. Faraday! That never happens to me. I was totally down. Theory was freaky. Blah.

They should never give holidays in between exams. 3 days for chemistry was a disaster! The first day, I had a good excuse and all I did was watch TV, read blogs, listen to music and sleep. The second day was ‘ok’ sorts. My mind accepted the fact that there was only one day left and I could manage if I started in the evening after a good siesta. What happened on the third day? Sushil Kumar and Vijender Kumar put up an awesome performance at the Olympics. I was hooked on to the television the whole day, browsing every single news channel and smiling all along!

Then it occured to me that I’d got an exam the next day and suddenly panicked and took it all at once, skipped sleep, listened to Cobain and wrote down reactions 20 times each and still forgot the same ones in the exam.

Tests, PDA and Optics.

Its already the end of the month and here I am, with the second post of July. This has been one heck of a month. My exams start from the 12th August so had to catch up with all the pending work. I did. Schools been too monotonous. We’re having tests after tests. There are a new set of ‘rules’ at school now. To give you a clue, the principal gave us a lecture on “Public Display of Affection”. Itseems the students of 12th grade are getting ’emotionally distracted’ and this is affecting the studies. And oh, girls hugging girls is a bad thing, by the way. Enuf said!

My sister left to Texas on monday. I’ve now got a bigger room, a sony ericsson walkman phone, computer for 24*7 and even the bike. Guess what?! I don’t feel like it’s my room, I don’t even feel like looking at the free computer and I don’t feel like riding the bike either. Its like, you’ve waited so long for certain things and once you get ’em it doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t feel like you ever wanted it.

Oh, can anyone help me with this : “The power of a convex lens is 2 D. Find its power when dipped in water.”

P.S. – My Blogs crossed 10,000 hits!! Congratulations to meeeeeee!! ^_^

School Stuff

One week of School and it feels like an year already. *sigh* Four tests announced for the next week. I hope I can just float through it all :| My Math teacher hates me. I suck at Math. I’ve already missed one of his tests. Yesterday, he announced to the whole class that “Priya Prakash would sleep during the Math class throught the week”, if he did Calculus. Who would want to stay awake and write down pages and pages of notes that he gives. Why can’t everything be as simple as Chemistry or Biology ?? Blah.

Playing Volley Ball only with guys can be very embarrassing. The thing is, none of the other girls want to play and I just want to stay on the field the whole day! I have no other option so I join the guys. Now, the guys start talking very very ‘guyish things’. I don’t quite often get any of the “puns” they use. Gross!

Biology Class :

Teacher ( to all ) – Now, why do you think Darwinian views can be accepted over Lamarck ‘s views ?
An exceptionally intelligent student – Because the natural selection was….
Teacher – Exactly !! Right answer.

I’m sorry. Did I hear an answer or was that just a bunch of mixed up words ? :-o